Who is this!?

While I try to come up with something witty, fascinating, and enthralling (don’t hold your breath), I’ll keep this short.

I live in New York, but I was born in Copenhagen. I’m studying at Barnard and Columbia and most of my time here is spent figuring out ways to make my essays about rap and hip hop even though it has nothing to do with the initial topic. It’s going ok.

I’ve been through some godawful stuff on the internet but I have decided that the good outweighs the bad. For some strange reason I still do not have difficulty trusting people.

I very seldomly get angry but when I do it is far more often on the behalf of others than on my own. I get mad when Arsenal are losing though, which I guess is my own behalf.

I’m a reader of and a watcher of and a listener to but I do not consider myself a creator of art. It is an enormous relief to not have this urge.

I work in publishing PR in Copenhagen and if I know narratives right I might do it for the rest of my life, or not.

I don’t think you have to spend a tremendous amount of time on this website to realize that I care about social justice, but I just want people to be able to have a good time in their life and that is pretty much the goal of it all.

I’m afraid of what I will miss out on when I’m dead. I like books. And chocolate.


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