Communicating well-being

Kate or die

from the amazing comic , we see that buying something for yourself can make you feel happy and better than you did before. Things do not fix everything. But they can lift your spirits.

Since the advent of capitalism, communications have been based on a one-sided approach: creating a lack in a person that cannot be fixed by anything other than the consumption of a particular product. This inherent lack has, both fortunately and unfortunately, been so internalized in consumers that it has now created fertile grounds for communication that can build on another foundation: that of hope and positive investment in the self. So many people feel bad about themselves. I think it’s time they start feeling better.

Due to new, overwhelming possibilities of interaction between consumers, a firm can make its contribution by participating and building platforms where the practice of consumption is encouraged by connoting the brand with positive associations. Instead of telling women that we can make them skinny, we help them understand that they can be part of a movement that, while still participating in commerce, tries to eradicate body shaming. We can tell young kids that anti-bullying and the fight against marginalization is not mutually exclusive with big companies.

There is room for loving yourself.

Not all products or treatments have to be sold to people by making them feel that they are worthless without it. By turning this notion on its head, we could be giving people the strength to believe that they already have worth; a powerful instigator to experiment with new products and find joy in things like cosmetics and clothing. We should stop constituting products as objects filling a human void. Start changing the discourse of consumption towards the constructive and accepting is important and possible. People don’t have to feel bad in order to buy.

Using social media, consumer contact and ground-breaking modes of communication, I want to find out what we can do with it.

To boot, here is an example of exactly what I’m a talking about:


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